Why hire a Graphic Recorder?

Need to add some interest to your virtual meetings? No problem – Go Digital!


Ever arrive home from a conference, tried to recall points from a meeting or wanted an easy way to quickly review or share a presentation?Do you hold meetings with clients where your ability to demonstrate deep listening and understanding is critical?ConfDood Graphic RecordingAre you a coach, speaker, facilitator or leader with a complex message and need a way to cut through, achieve memorability and provide conceptual bread-crumbs for navigating complexity?Aaron RussellI’m Aaron Russell and as visual scribe I take ‘Ed-utaining’ visual notes for you. Think of it as high powered pictionary.Graphic recording is a win win win…
ATTENDEES love the edutainment, summary and the way doodles jog their memory (even much later on).
ORGANIZERS & FACILITATORS love the engagement and the instant top-of-mind that co-created visuals bring to their content marketing.
PRESENTERS love knowing they were understood, that their message came across and that they have a succinct, high level visual overview to use that is an adjunctive addition to written, audio or video recordings.

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