Different budgets & dispositions towards strategy, but reputation is always on the line

Although finding one’s self in a situation where you’re expected to be a magical mind reader (often for essentially no money), IS frustrating … there is an additional sharp realization that occurred to me today. The epiphany is that regardless of the type of work, and the kind of client (see video) that is associated with a visual communication project, your reputation is always on the line the second you say “yes I can help with that”.

Would asking someone ‘What kind of client are you?’, in the context of this video, be effective? or just cause people to think oh man, I’ve heard this ‘What’s your budget?’ business before … and somehow am sure whatever is said in response, will be spent in haste.

Regardless of the presence or absence of budget/value exchange (although of course that’s a deal maker or breaker), there is still the question of how much creative, thinking, strategy, iterative design are we talking here? What’s your WHY? Your Story? Why would your early adopters care and join the movement? What process are you in need of that best matches your needs? Or have you done all the thinking and planning and just need a production artist (a.k.a., a pair of hands) to put your idea together? Many say they just need an easy tactic, “a pair of hands”, but what they really expect and demand is mind reading and magic, and yes, GOOD, FAST and CHEAP, but you can only ever have 2 of the 3.

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