Live REMOTE Digital (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Teams etc.)

Live REMOTE – Where the artwork is created in real time right in front of attendees on virtual meetings. Show as much or as little as you need on screens – It’s awesome, look:

Live LRG Format Graphic recording (Front & Centre)

Front & Centre – Where the artwork is created in real time right in front of attendees live and in large format. This is an entertaining, memorable and engaging way to add value to meetings and events.
• Attendees (and would be clients) feel and know they’ve been listened to.
• Participants see their own ideas and contributions in subsequent deliverables.
• Connections arise from viewing the big picture that otherwise remain hidden.
• Acknowledgements to sponsors, keynote speakers, vendors and partners can be added to the artwork beforehand to make people feel important and appreciated.
• For oft delivered decks, the main presentation points can synchronized between a) slides, b) live drawing and c) the hand out or opt-in (lead generator / upsell) take-away. Here’s Front & Centre in action:

Digital Capture (Invisible Hand)

Invisible Hand – Where the illustration is projected without a hand and where the drawings appear to happen magically. There are incredible possibilities to develop presentations that integrate pre-recorded time lapsed elements, live capture and deliverables like one page summaries that attendees can exchange their contact information for. A high level of integration and preparation can offset the potential for distraction from a presenter; graphic recording can be designed to be part of a slide deck. Here’s an explainer video sample of time-lapsed digital capture:

Sketchnoting – (Incognito)

Incognito – Sometimes called ‘Sketchnotes’. This is where doodles are captured while people in the room during the event are not really aware that sketchnotes are being recorded. After the capture phase, many things can be done with the artwork:
• The artwork can be digitally enhanced (photoshopped) and added to.
• Printed as handouts, banners or posters, and then given as gift or lead generator.
• Be the genesis of mind maps, storyboards, or assets for slide and prezi decks.
• The artwork can be cleaned up and chopped up into scheduled social media posts that tag nicely with all those who were at the event (BOOM!)